Liam Gallagher Called His Brother Noel A ‘Sad F**k’ For Missing The ‘One Love Manchester’ Concert

It was one of the most cathartic moments of the star-studded One Love Manchester concert yesterday when Liam Gallagher joined Coldplay onstage to perform an incredible rendition of the songs “Live Forever” as well as the Oasis hit “Rock N Roll Star.” As amazing as Liam’s appearance was however, many people were holding out hope that the event might be the catalyst for a full-on Oasis reunion. No one, it turns out, was more disappointed than Liam that that didn’t happen, and he took to Twitter to vent his frustration at his brother Noel for failing to appear.

“Manchester I’d like to apologise for my brothers absence last night very disappointed stay beautiful stay safe,” he wrote. “Noel’s out of the f**king country weren’t we all love get on a fucking plane and play your tunes for the kids you sad f**k.”

Even for all the bickering, and there’s been so, so, so much bickering between the Gallagher brothers, both in the press and behind the scenes, this latest salvo certainly won’t dampen the incredible scene that took place yesterday as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry and more took the stage to pay tribute to the victims of the horrendous terrorist attack that took place during the 23-year old singer’s concert last month.

Even Liam himself thinks so.