LA Rockers Liily Share A Wild And Free New Video For ‘Sepulveda Basin’

Los Angeles indie rockers Liily released a new single, the groovy, confident “Sepulveda Basin,” back in January. Today, they’ve shared a video for the song.

The video for “Sepulveda Basin” matches the song’s loose, meandering vibe. In the video, the young musicians wander around their city, skateboarding, driving aimlessly, and standing on one another’s shoulders a la Vincent Adultman. It captures the energy of those days as a teenager spent doing nothing with friends, where you could waste three hours in a Target and another hour sitting in the parking lot and somehow have fun the whole time.

“This video is about a place we all spent a lot of time in when we were kids and bored out of our minds and looking for friends and something/anything to do,” the band says in a press release. The “place” they’re talking about is their home in the San Fernando Valley, which they call “the greatest place in the world.”

Liily’s debut EP, I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, is out March 8 via Southern California indie label Flush Records. You can pre-order the EP here, and see the band’s upcoming tour dates here. Watch the video for “Sepulveda Basin” above.