Lil Baby Says Jay-Z Is Someone He Looks Up To: ‘I See Myself Following In His Footsteps’

Lil Baby has had a great last year and a half, and this Sunday saw another example of that. The rapper took the stage at the 2021 Grammys to deliver a fiery performance of “The Bigger Picture,” which was also among the night’s nominated songs. While his set was a memorable one, he later revealed another exciting thing that happened to him that night.

“I met jay z,” he wrote in a tweet. “He let the security walk with bey an he walked by his self. Boss sh*t.” Later, during an interview with Billboard, he spoke about the run-in. “I’m really not that fond of meeting other celebrities, but Jay-Z is a guy who I look up to, and look up to the way he moves and the things that he’s done,” he said. “I see myself following in his footsteps.”

Lil Baby also discussed his Grammy performance and explained why he felt it was important to show scenes of police brutality and riots. “I wanted to use a specific situation that would give people an understanding of where I come from,” he revealed. “I didn’t really want to use the George Floyd or Breonna Taylor [killings] or something. I wanted to use something that stood by me. That happened in Atlanta, and I live in Atlanta, and I’ve been in some of those same exact situations.”