Lil Dicky Said His Chris Brown Collaboration Let The R&B Star ‘Use His Talent For Good’

The name on everybody’s lips today is Lil Dicky (aka Dave Burd).

He’s back to tell everyone about why he personally hates concerts and earn comparisons to Larry David in a profile with GQ. Of course, Dicky has been a semi-joke-y rapper around for several years now, but the surprise success of his TV show Dave is really what spurred him to heights such as a massive profile in a fashion magazine like GQ.

Speaking to them about one of his “joke-y” songs from a few years ago, Dicky let the music world know why he felt collaborating with Chris Brown was a good thing to do. Their 2018 song “Freaky Friday” featured the two rappers switching places for the day and was deemed problematic for any number of reasons, facing serious backlash at the time, but also became a No. 1 hit. Dicky said he thinks letting Brown “use his talents for good” is the right choice with Brown.

“With Chris Brown, we can do one of two things,” Dicky explained. “We can never hear from him again and say ‘I won’t accept any Chris Brown whatsoever,’ or I feel like we can allow him to use his talent for good. When I see people react to the song, I really think that it makes people laugh and it makes people happy. I don’t think it’s the type of thing that really is making the world a worse place, on a micro-specific, talking-about-the-song level.”

He later added: “A song like ‘Freaky Friday,’ let’s be honest about it — it’s a f*cking global smash hit. It sounds like a hit. If you’re not even listening to the lyrics, it literally has the palette of a hit.”

Finally, he clarified that when he offends people, it really does hurt him. “I’m aware of how insensitive my art can be, but I’m a very sensitive person and I hate offending people,” he said. “If I see anybody that’s offended by something I’m doing, it really hurts my heart, truly. I’m very confident that if I had 10 hours to spend with somebody, that they would like me. There have been very few instances in my life where someone has known me and disliked me. Yet a ton of people, understandably so, would dislike me as an artist or me as a comedian.”

That last part is probably why the extended narrative of Dave has changed the perception of Dicky in culture quite a bit. Check out the full profile here to continue getting to know him.