Lil Dicky’s ‘Dave’ Trailer Is Full Of Fellow Rappers And Silly Situations

Way back at the beginning of the blog rap era, Lil Dicky emerged as the latest rapper to represent so-called “comedy” rap. His irreverent takes on stereotypical hip-hop tropes may have rankled traditionalists, but he also proved his dedication to the craft with colorful wordplay, and densely-packed, rapid-fire rhyme patterns. Most recently, he gained a lot of attention for his body-swapping video with Chris Brown, “Freaky Friday,” and for his environmentally-minded all-star charity song “Earth,” but it looks like he may have finally found the correct outlet for his unique, funny sensibilities: His upcoming FX sitcom Dave.

From the looks of the trailer released today, Dave will be loosely based on Dicky’s own come-up through the rap game as an awkward outsider who doesn’t quite fit the expected look. Throughout the trailer, Dicky plays an exaggerated version of himself, meeting other rappers like Trippie Redd, YG, and Young Thug, as well as a variety of haters, doubters, and skeptical supporters who either try to shoot down his dreams of hip-hop stardom or help him find the self-confidence to keep going despite sticking out like a sore thumb. He also encounters big-name pop stars like Justin Bieber, Marshmello, and more — in other words, his real-life friends — as he navigates the seemingly hostile, but secretly funny world of the rap game and its surrounding industry.

Some of the funnier bits: Lil Dicky plays ball in what appears to be a prison yard, showing off his real-life hoop skills, outsmokes Young Thug with his college guy stoner lungs, and realizes that his “Lil Dicky” hand gesture is also a gang sign. If Dave turns out to be as funny as its trailer, it might just redeem Dicky for the mess that was “Earth” — and for using Chris Brown as a lyrical sock puppet letting him get away with saying the n-word.

Watch the trailer for Dave above.

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