Lil Dicky Details The ‘Incredibly Anticlimactic’ Process Of Recording His New Album

This summer will mark the seven-year anniversary of Lil Dicky’s debut (and so far only) album, 2015’s Professional Rapper. Dicky (aka Dave Burd) hasn’t just been doing nothing since then, though, as most notably, he’s starred in his FX series Dave. Now, he’s trying his best to get back into album mode and on The Late Late Show last night, he described his recording process and how work on his second album is coming along.

In an interview alongside Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul‘s Giancarlo Esposito, Dicky said of how his studio days go, “It’s incredibly anticlimactic. I wake up around 9 a.m.; That’s when I do my best rapping, like 9 to like 11 a.m. It really is a coin flip: If I have too stuffed of a nose on any given day, then I have to address the stuffiness. I have, like, different sprays.” Then, gesturing to Esposito, he added, “By the way, I could use you on a song,” which got an enthusiastic response from both Esposito and James Corden.

As for when the album is set to come out, Dicky said, “Honestly, I can’t even answer that question. It’s just not done yet, and at this point, I might as well really make it ideal, because it’s been, like, truly seven years. And I’m sorry to all my fans. I’m working as hard as I can every day. It might seem like I’m not working hard on it, but I really am. It’s just hard to multitask with the show. Every day, if I’m working 16 hours on the show, it’s hard to come home… you have eight hours of sleep and somehow figure out how to write a song.”

He added, “I’m really excited, I’ve been doing my best work the last six months and I feel really good right now.”

Watch clips from Dicky’s Corden interview above and below.