Lil Nas X Wants Fans To Send Him Beats For A New Mixtape

Over the past few months, Lil Nas X has used his Twitter bio to update fans on the progress on his new album. Currently, it reads, “ALBUM: 92% DONE.” He’s getting close, but a new album isn’t all he’s working on: The rapper revealed today he also wants to make a new mixtape, and he has asked his fans for help.

Sharing an image of SpongeBob SquarePants character Squidward squeezing Mr. Krabs’ eyes, Nas wrote, “ALBUM’S ALMOST FINISHED BUT WORKING ON A MIXTAPE TOO! ALL PRODUCERS SEND BEATS TO IMBABYBEATS@GMAIL.COM !”

Before this tweet, one fan wondered when would be a good time for a new Nas album to drop in light of all the other recent hip-hop releases, and Nas responded, “there’s no best time drop. trust i will have a plan to make sure this album and every single’ single from it goes crazy on the charts and sound amazing too.” He later added, “just want to make sure u guys have faith in me and what im about to do. despite what anyone else thinks or says.”

Meanwhile, a few days ago, a Portuguese-speaking fan suggested that Nas drop his project this month, to which the rapper responded, “i’m sure it’ll be finished this month but not sure how i wanna drop yet.”

It looks like whether Nas decides to drop his album or mixtape first, something is on the way regardless.

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