Lil Nas X Compares Himself To Frank Ocean And Tyler The Creator While Discussing ‘Homophobia In The Black Community’

At the moment, Lil Nas X has beef with the BET Awards after he didn’t get a single nomination for this year’s show. He was so incensed, in fact, that he dropped a diss track about BET. The network went ahead and issued a response, in which they noted the previous times Nas was nominated at the BET Awards and declared themselves “passionate advocates for the wonderful diversity that exists within our community.”

Still, Nas has more to say, but about the Black community at large beyond just BET, as he took to Twitter to discuss homophobia (a particularly relevant topic right now given we’re a week into Pride Month).

Yesterday afternoon, he tweeted, “this not over no bet award this is about the bigger problem of homophobia in the black community, y’all can sit and pretend all u want but imma risk it all for us.” Hours later, a Twitter user made note of Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator’s previous nominations and Nas responded, “love frank and tyler to death but can we admit queer men are more respected when they do less feminine things or am i making that up?”

Somebody else responded by implying that Nas didn’t get a nomination this year because his “music sucks,” but the rapper got the conversation back on track, replying, “ok cool i suck, my music is terrible, bad nas. now answer the question ‘are queer men are more respected when they do less feminine things’ yes or no?”

Somebody else jumped in, “you’re not making it up but when will gay men understand they can be gay w/o making it their whole personality? now you act like a female rather than you just liking men and that’s where people are put off.” To that, Nas replied, “gay men should continue making being gay their whole personality as long as we are still being jailed n fckin killed in countries for it.”

Meanwhile, BET shared a gallery of images and videos of Nas on social media last night, declaring, “This is bigger than the #BETAwards. This is real life and we will always rock with Lil’ Nas X and stand for our people.” Nas wasn’t moved by that, as he responded this morning, “these are literally just buzz words placed together.”