The Inauguration Is The Perfect Distraction In Lil Nas X’s Hilarious White House Heist Video

Much of the music world was thrilled about the inauguration today. That’s especially true of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Garth Brooks, who all had the opportunity to perform during the ceremony. Lil Nas X was happy about the day as well, but for a different reason, as he revealed in a hilarious sketch video he shared.

The 33-second cinematic marvel begins with Nas standing in a crowd of inauguration onlookers, and by “standing in a crowd,” I mean swapping out the background of the video he shot at home. The text on the screen reads, “Me stealing stimmys for the homies while everyone is distracted at the inauguration.” As Biden’s speech goes on in the background, Nas proceeds to work his way through the White House as his own song “Holiday” plays. He eventually finds the “stemulus room,” goes past lasers and other security measures, and starts piling cash into a backpack. Mitch McConnell tries to stop Nas but backs down after Nas points a (drawing of a) gun at him.

Meanwhile, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he also took the opportunity to re-share a hilarious old tweet of his, which reads: “when i was young i went to a civil rights march and martin luther king pointed to me and smiled. he said make music and never stop, well look at me now.”