Lil Nas X Finally Reveals When His Debut Album Is Coming

Lil Nas X has been teasing his debut album for a while now, but today, he has narrowed down when it’s coming out.

A frustrated fan tweeted at the rapper, “There’s only so many times we can listen to 7 and holiday @LilNasX we kinda need the album. No pressure or anything but drop the album or I’m manifesting a ant to crawl up your pp hole.” Nas couldn’t leave that kind of tweet hanging, so he responded with an approximate release window for the album, replying, “lmaooo more singles coming. album drop middle of the year.”

While there’s no exact release date yet, he at least seems to have a running order in mind, as he shared a part of the album’s tracklist back in September, revealed that some of the songs set to appear on the release include “Call Me By Your Name, “One Of Me,” “Don’t Want It,” and “Titanic.” He also revealed that before the pandemic, he had hoped to work with Miley Cyrus, but that hasn’t ended up happening yet. He told Andy Cohen, “I had plans to work on this one song with Miley earlier last year, and then the pandemic happened. So we didn’t get to like meet up or anything, but, you know, maybe it’ll happen now.”