Lil Nas X Drops An ‘Uncensored’ Version Of His ‘Industry Baby’ Video And It’s A Masterful Troll

The content of Lil Nas X’s recent “Industry Baby” video is often explicit, although it was understandably cleaned up and blurred out when necessary for YouTube. Now, though, the rapper is offering an “uncensored” version of the clip, although it’s more of a hilarious tease than an actual X-rated clip.

In the first half-minute of both the original and “uncensored” videos, Nas gets acclimated to life behind bars. Then, we see an establishing shot of a running shower head. In the original video, that leads to a scene of Nas and other inmates dancing naked (but with their parts pixellated). The “uncensored” video is actually less revealing than that: Right when the viewer thinks they’re going to see some body parts, the video freezes on a still frame of the shower head as a simulated loading icon spins to make it look like the video playback isn’t working properly. That goes on for the rest of the video.

The rapper retweeted some reactions from fans who played along with the bit. One wrote, “MY MOM WALKED IN WHILE I WAS WATCHING THIS… HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS TO HER???” Another said, “OMG their dicks were actually OUT-” A different user wrote, “Look I changed my router, called my internet provider, and bought a new computer but the video isn’t loading properly can you PLEASE reupload the right way this time.”

Check out the video above.