Lil Nas X Never Wants To ‘Milk’ A Song Like He Did ‘Old Town Road’ Again

For Lil Nas X, it memorably all started a few years ago with “Old Town Road.” The rapper really knew how to keep that song alive, too, as it was the No. 1 song in the country for a record 19 weeks. It was the biggest song in the world for a long time, but now Nas says he never again wants to “milk” a song of his like he did that one.

Last night, a Nas fan got on Twitter and asked for “unpopular” opinions about the rapper. Somebody responded, “i hate how fast the eras go like.. [‘Old Town Road’] was the only era i felt lasted a good amount of time. [‘Call Me By Your Name’] had potential to be so much bigger than what it was and longer at #1 if the era was longer.. same with montero.”

Nas responded to that tweet, writing, “how long did u expect [‘Call Me By Your Name’] era to be?” They replied, “u should’ve milked it like [‘Old Town Road’] idkkk hella remixes.. the song was HUGE but could’ve been bigger me thinks.” Nas answered, “i don’t wanna milk any of my songs like that again. it takes the fun out of creating new things.”

Nas also replied to other responses from the unpopular opinions prompt. One user wrote, “a lot of fans skew their opinions based on what the man himself thinks!” Nas replied, “it be the opposite way around too,” then clarified, “like i can love something then realize everybody else hate it then fall out of love with it sadly.”

Another user wrote, “He releases too many snippets!” Nas responded, “i’m just really impulsive when i create something.” The commenter added, “I love that. I just want to be surprised when the album comes out!” Nas replied, “i feel u.”

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