Lil Nas X Is In His Religious Era As He Uses A Prayerful Image To Reveal A New Song Coming Soon

Lil Nas X is gearing up for his next album, as he teased today that a new song and a visual for it will arrive next week. Not much else is known about the track right now, but he did post it with a cryptic photo. In it, there are four images of him, guiding through the steps of prayer.

“In the name of the father / and of the son / and of the holy / ghost, amen,” it reads, with each line break being lined up to one of the Lil Nas X drawings.

It’s also been almost three years since Lil Nas X dropped his Montero album, so he very well could be making headlines once again with whatever the new single is.

“Wrote and directed my own music video for the first time,” he recently shared. “Excited for y’all to see. It’s the best one yet!”

But, there’s also a chance that it could be a very different energy. Last year, Lil Nas X chatted with Vogue where he discussed the direction that the new album might go.

“I’m working steady,” he said. “I’m in this next phase of figuring out who this next person is for me. I’m not going out in the same clothes as my last era, or the one before that. I’m figuring that out, and learning to trust my own instincts.”

Check out Lil Nas X’s new song announcement above.