Lil Nas X Has Some ‘Unexpected’ Collabs On The Way And Teases ‘Something Very Special Coming Really Soon’

Lil Nas X always has something going on and now he can add another item to the list: He’s the new US ambassador of high-end beauty brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Nas spoke about that in a new interview with Complex, during which he also teased some other things he has coming up.

For one, his new ambassadorship isn’t his only new collab, as the rapper noted, “I have some unexpected things, collaborations coming up. I wouldn’t want to ruin those, though.” He also said, “I do have something very special coming really soon around the time of my tour starting. That’s something I’m super excited about music-wise.”

As for that tour, he described it, “Without giving it away, all I can say is it’s more of a show than it is a concert.”

When it comes to what he hopes fans get from his upcoming music, he’s not quite sure yet: “I wish I could say, but I feel like I won’t even know what this era represents until I’m further along. I’m very much a person that just goes along with the flow and does things as they come. But I’m sure it’s going to be something really special and really exciting.”

He also talked about the new partnership, saying, “Building my brand is an ongoing process as I continue to try new things, but I’m all about having fun, standing out and making a statement, and creating great music. Everything I do is an extension of that, and I’m always looking for ways to break the mold — this partnership with YSL Beauty does that. I thought they were pretty cool and I loved the aesthetic that they were bringing. So I was like, ‘Yeah. Let’s do it.'”

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