Lil Nas X’s New Song Finds Himself Asking ‘Where Do We Go Now?’ After Taking The World By Storm

Lil Nas X has the world talking. His latest video, “J Christ” has been met with praise by fans, as well as controversy from Christian conservatives (as was expected). This weekend, the pop and hip-hop hitmaker is set to drop his documentary Long Live Montero, which will give fans a look at his rise to fame, coming out, and handling scrutiny from the public. Ahead of the documentary, Lil Nas X has shared a new song, “Where Do We Go Now?,” written just for the film.

On the song, which was produced by Omer Fedi and Blake Slatkin, Lil Nas X finds himself wondering what’s next. He’s had an impressive run as a gamechanger in the mainstream music landscape, however, seems to be grappling with the mixed emotions that come with fame.

“Where do we go now? / We’ve seen everything we had to see / We figured it out, my love / So where are we goin’? / So where do we go now? / We did everything so endlessly / And only to feel undone / So where are we goin’?,” he sings on the song’s chorus.

The song serves as a bridge between Lil Nas X’s debut Montero era, and the world he’s creating with his imminent second album.

You can listen to “Where Do We Go Now?” above.

Long Live Montero will be available for streaming on Max beginning 1/27.