Lil Peep’s Posthumous ‘Keep My Coo’ Video Is A Glimpse Into His Teenage Life

The Lil Peep biopic Everybody’s Everything is currently in theaters. Along with the documentary’s release, an assorted collection of songs the rapper recorded before his death is out as an album with the same title. Those who compiled the record also put out a video for the track “Keep My Cool.” The visual was filmed at home by a young Lil Peep and shows clips of the rapper as a high schooler with fewer tattoos.

The video opens to a clip of the rapper’s high school friend at a convenience store. The low-budget visual jumps around between Peep in various settings around his house. The video is shaky and edited with high contrast, appearing as though it hasn’t been altered since the rapper first put it together.

According to Rolling Stone, one of the engineers of Everybody’s Everything said those who compiled the albums didn’t want to make any changes to the originals. “The new stuff coming out, it hasn’t been changed,” says BETTEROFFDEAD, who engineered and produced several tracks on the record. “Songs like ‘Live Forever,’ those were all early songs that were just Peep. And these are the same thing; these are just purely Peep. It’s how these songs were before he left.”

Watch the video for Lil Peep’s “Keep My Coo” above.

Lil Peep’s Everybody’s Everything is out via Columbia. Get it here.