Lil Pump’s Latest Instagram Story Has Fans Concerned For His Mental Health


Harverd Dropout rapper Lil Pump shared his eventful Friday night with his followers on Instagram. The rapper went to the Gucci store and ended his night with bowling. But Saturday morning, Lil Pump posted a message which had fans concerned for his mental health.

The message came in two parts. In the first message, the South Florida rapper typed, “Not feeling good right now. Idk if I wanna keep doing any of dis.”

The second message was even more vague. “I feel like Ima die soon & all dis will be over,” said the “Gucci Gang” rapper. It’s unclear what caused Lil Pump to post these messages. Up until that point, it seemed like the rapper was having a good night. But it’s not always easy to tell when someone is struggling with mental health.

The Instagram messages prompted fans to share an outpouring of support and concern on social media for the rapper.

One fan diagnosed the messages with depression. “Depression is real. Money and fame certainly does not guarantee happiness.”

Another fan tried offering the rapper advice and a plan of action. “Fire your whole team, call your mom, go into rehab, start over and stop doing the drugs,” the fan tweeted. “Your supporters care about you, you gotta care about you,” they continued.

Other fans are offering words of encouragement.

Lil Pump has yet to clarify his concerning messages, but we hope that the rapper can seek the help he needs.