Lil Uzi Vert Accepts Gifts From Nardwuar During A New Interview Conducted Through A Fence

Lil Uzi Vert had his third encounter with the quirky interviewer Nardwuar at Day N Vegas this weekend. The last time Uzi and Nardwuar spoke, the rapper ran away mid-interview. This time, however, Nardwuar had a different approach to hold his attention. Instead of directly asking the rapper about his music, Nardwuar gave Uzi a few vinyl records to spark some inspiration.

Nardwuar flagged Uzi down from the other side of a chain-link fence just before the rapper’s energetic Day N Vegas set. To get the rapper’s attention, Nardwaur yelled his catchphrase, “Doot doola doot doo.” Uzi chuckled after realizing the source of the ruckus and walked over to the interviewer. Nardwuar handed the rapper a vintage Ying Yang Twins LP. “I like it,” Uzi said, “One of my first albums was a Yang Twins album.” Nardwuar then handed Uzi some “Eternal Atake keyhole ideas.” After receiving the gifts, Uzi helps Nardwaur sign off with a “doot doola doot doo.”

This interview between Nardwuar and Uzi went much smoother than the last. The interviewer caught up with the rapper in May at Rolling Loud but before the conversation picked up, Uzi turned away from the camera and bolted. The cameras followed Nardwuar as he chased after the rapper yelling his signature catchphrase. When Nardwaur finally caught up with the volatile rapper, Uzi had ducked into a car. Thankfully, the rapper stuck his head out to help Nardwuar with his interview sign-off.

Watch Nardwuar’s brief interview with Lil Uzi Vert above.