Lil Uzi Vert Laments A Dubious Crush On The TM88-Produced ‘Slayerr’

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It looks like Lil Uzi Vert’s long-awaited album Eternal Atake is still “awaited” after his projected release date came and passed without an actual release, but at least Uzi has a consolation prize for his long-suffering fans. “Slayerr,” a new single from Uzi produced by his “XO Tour Lif3” collaborator TM88, dropped today, making three ostensible “official” singles from Eternal Atake (along with “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack”) and the “Free Uzi” leak that initially sparked all this excitement in the first place. While it’s nowhere near the full project that he hinted at, it’ll have to do for now. Check out “Slayerr” below.

“Slayerr” finds Uzi reverting to the sing-song flow that endeared him to many of his younger fans and made older hip-hop heads designate him a “mumble rapper” (a designation “Free Uzi” pretty much demolishes) to wax philosophical about a potential relationship with a dubious partner. The object of Uzi’s affection is “a rock star, everybody says, ‘Don’t date her,'” which he seems pretty jazzed about judging from the rest of the lyrics. He also takes a couple bars off to brag about about the size of his new crib, which is so big it “came with a hater.” TM88’s gauzy beat floats along beneath him, giving him the perfect backdrop for his emo-influenced vocals. Hopefully, whenever Uzi is ready to release that album, there will be plenty more TM88 collaborations on it.

Lil Uzi Vert is a Warner Music artist. .