Zaytoven Gives Lil Uzi Vert A Joyous Production For ‘Buy It’

Lil Uzi Vert has been busy. The 22-year-old Philadelphia native released his Perfect Luv Tape at the end of July and immediately set off on a tour of raucous shows in front of adoring and sometimes unruly fans.

Somehow he’s finding time to make new music because when you get a hold of a beat from Zaytoven you use it and pay that good fortune forward with a gift to the world. So Uzi’s latest track is the Zay-produced “Buy It,” a track full of bright, colorful sounds and classic Uzi-isms like “They keep hackin’ my iPhone/ ‘Bout to get a Sidekick/ I don’t like to stand up, told that girl to ride it,” that just might fuel a resurrection of everybody’s favorite QWERTY phone with a trackball and a screen on a swivel amongst his retro-obsessed, millennial supporters.