Lil Wayne And Future Guest Star In A Respectful ‘Booty Check’ Music Video On ‘SNL’

Lil Wayne and surprise guest Future showed up in a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch modeled after a booty-shaking rap video — albeit one with a twist. Rather than insisting that the genetically (and surgically) gifted women in their club gyrate without a choice, the rappers — portrayed by Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson, and Pete Davidson as “Uncle Butt” — respectfully left the option up to the women themselves. Call them “booty allies.”

The “Booty Check” video does a pretty good job of mimicking the look and feel of a strip club anthem with the exception that the performers qualify each of their statements with conditional additions such as “if you feel it” and “if you insist.” They also wore “Me Too” pins, making reference to the movement which helped bring consent to mainstream attention in media and pop culture.

Future and Lil Wayne contributed some surprisingly on-topic verses as well, getting into the mood of the song by insisting that their female companions had the right to refuse to shake their attributes — they just strongly suggested that they’d like it if they chose to do so. In all honesty, as funny as this sketch is, we do wish more rappers would understand the line where consent lives and respect it as much as it deserves to be.