Lil Wayne And Gucci Mane Are Steady Mobbin’ Again On Their New Collaboration ‘Oh Lord’

We probably have the judicial system and prison stints to blame for this, but Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane haven’t collaborated since they destroyed “Steady Mobbin'” way back in 2009 for the Young Money compilation We Are Young Money. After they linked up for that, Gucci promptly went to jail, which kept him out of the video for the track, then Wayne did a stint of his own upstate. Eventually Guwop went haywire on Twitter, dissing Nicki Minaj, and went back to prison soon after that and the idea of a Tune and Gucci collab went up in smoke.

Now both are free and in a better place, and the stars have aligned for the Southern legends to link up for “Oh Lord” from the star-studded The Birth of a Nation soundtrack. Wayne is just one of the many artists we were hoping Gucci would collaborate with now that he’s home and the track does not disappoint.

Wop handles the hook and opens the track with a laid back verse where he quips “I’d rather die for my freedom than live like a peasant,” in a topically correct verse for the soundtrack. Wayne hits the ground running once he grabs the baton, jabbing at Cash Money yet again with “I had to leave the family/ I cut off CMB I’m an amputee.” From there he just unfurls bar after bar, touching on everything from his humble beginnings to Angola, and even finds time to pay homage to Soulja Slim.

Gucci may have been able to keep up with Weezy back in 2009, but on their new collab he’s no match for the motivated Tunechi in the middle of his prolonged hot-streak. Check out “Oh Lord” below, via Apple Music.

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