Lil Wayne Is Furious With Miami Cops After Being Swatted Again

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Do you know what “swatting” is? I didn’t until recently.

First off, it has nothing to do with mosquitoes. Instead, it has everything do with Police SWAT teams and the cool* new trend making the rounds these days of false emergencies being called into police departments that warrant the response of the SWAT team.

*Read: not cool

For example, Person A calls a town’s police department and says that shots have been heard in Person B’s residence. To the police department that sounds serious and as a result, they respond as they normally would — by bringing in the SWAT team to diffuse the situation. Surprise, surprise, however; there have been no shots, no bomb, no grisly murder. The police department and Person B have been swatted. The New York Times published a more detailed dissection of swatting last November that is worth checking out.

Lil Wayne has now been swatted not once, but twice, with the most recent incident happening earlier this week. According to TMZ, Miami Beach police received a call that an unknown male had been shot and was bleeding inside the home of the possibly retiring rapper. At just before 3 p.m. they entered his residence through the garage and as is now often the case, did not find an unknown male who had been shot, but instead found a very well-known man (Lil Wayne) taking an afternoon nap. Weezy was cool with the intrusion at first, but that didn’t last long and police reported that the rapper grew upset, screaming “I’m tired of this sh*t…take me to jail.” Lil Wayne was briefly handcuffed while police searched his house because you know, calls about unknown males being shot aren’t always for funsies. Everyone left the residence on good terms, though, with Lil Wayne eventually calming down and admitting that the police were simply doing their job.

In March 2015, police were called to Lil Wayne’s house after receiving calls that four men had been shot there.

Guess what? Four men hadn’t been shot there. Guess what else? Swatting is ridiculous. Just ask Lil Wayne.

(Via TMZ)