Lil Yachty Is Assembling An All-Women Band Ahead Of What Seems To Be A New Era

It may be a while before we hear Lil Yachty’s psychedelic Sonic Ranch album, due to the project falling victim to leaks last month, but that’s not keeping him from pursuing other ideas. Yesterday (January 10), the “Poland” rapper announced that he’s looking to form an all-women band.

“Yachty is putting a band together. I want an all-girls band,” he said in an Instagram post, noting he’s looking for two to three background singers, a guitar player, a bass player, a drummer, and a keyboard player. The post was captioned, “Tryouts for my band Thursday. Shall the most talented women please pull up… Let’s Meet! See U Soon Ladies.” It is also worth noting that this is currently the only post on his Instagram page, as his account appears to be cleared — a common practice for artists as they begin to tease new album eras.

It is unclear whether Yachty is wanting to put together the band as part of a new album, for a backing band for an upcoming tour, or for another purpose. However, in an interview with Icebox that took place over a year ago, he revealed that he wants his future projects to spawn from a different creative process.

“I’ve met all these amazing musicians and producers,” he said when speaking about his upcoming album. “It’s like a psychedelic alternative project. It’s different. It’s all live instrumentation. I’ve changed my dynamic. I’m telling you, this album and on, I’m creating music a whole lot differently.”