Lil Yachty Does Not Love His Mugshot: ‘I Look Homeless And Janky’

Recently, Lil Yachty was living life in the fast lane, although he was moving far too quickly for even that part of the road. He was recently arrested after driving over 150 miles per hour in Atlanta, news which was made public yesterday. As part of the legal process, Yachty had a mugshot taken, and it’s not his favorite photo of all time.

In a TikTok post yesterday, the rapper expressed his hope that his unflattering photo wouldn’t emerge. While looking at a news report about his arrest, Yachty says, “Well, we’ve come to this. Um, yeah, it happened. But not today, this was like two weeks ago, or like a week ago. I don’t know how it happens. God forbid the mugshot comes out. Hopefully it doesn’t. Slow down, kids.”

Sure enough, the mugshot did find its way into the public sphere, and indeed, the rapper doesn’t look as presentable as he usually does in public venues. He reiterated his lack of love for the photo, as after it was released, he tweeted, “God I look homeless and janky in my mugshot.”

Coincidentally, Yachty was pulled over not far away from the spot where he wrecked a Ferrari in a highway crash back in June.