Snoop Dogg Gave Lil Yachty Some Tips About How To Deal With Haters

Old school hip-hop treasure Snoop Dogg recently welcomed Lil Yachty, a modern-day teen icon, onto his regular program GGN News for an extended chat. While Snoop smokes away, the straight edge rapper talks about the joys of his young career, but also about the perils of dealing with haters. “The hate is the most important part because the hate keeps you going,” Snoop said. “Hate is what builds strength.” Yachty touts his plaques, award nominations, commercials, and “this ice” as weapons he uses to silence his haters, much to the joy of the elder rapper.

Yachty also talked about building his brand. “I know exactly how to please a fan because I was a fan,” he said. Snoop takes the idea further, adding, “You gotta take yourself out of the equation of being a superstar. You were once somebody who was just like that person you’re selling your records to. You gotta know what they want…When you don’t think about the money, and when you don’t think about the effect, is when you make your biggest records.” Yachty said that he’s trying to stay true to that idea as he creates his debut album, but it’s more difficult now than it was when he was making his first mixtape with few expectations.

It’s a joy to see the two generations of rappers come together so seamlessly. Watch the full interview above to see Lil Yachty talk about his parents inspiring his style, his love for Nautica, and more about his debut album, Teenage Emotions.