Lincoln Jesser’s ‘Time Will Tell’ Music Video Is A Colorful Desert Rave

06.09.16 3 years ago

Unless you’re waiting to see Katy Perry fall down, Burning Man is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time. There are hippies and sand everywhere, and it looks like something straight out of Mad Max: Fury Road. Let’s wait a few more decades before we all start dressing like Immortan Joe. But partying in the desert can be fun. Take Lincoln Jesser‘s “Time Will Tell” music video.

A wanderer wakes up in the middle of dusty nowhere. He begins to wander the desert. Before long, he’s hallucinating and seeing colors fly from his body and the purple-tinted sky. It seems as if all hope is lost, until he runs into a rave. As the trippy synthpop song featuring Little Wolves’ Samuel Jacob picks up, so does the party. But things, as often is the case, aren’t what they seem.

See what happens in the “Time Will Tell” music video from Los Angeles-based producer Jesser above (this time it’s SFW). It’s perfect for poolside during the summer, and walking to, or falling down at, Burning Man. Also, if you like what you hear from the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic-charting Jesser, check out his 2014 album Modern Color, featuring “We’ll Be Fine” and “Certainty.”

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