Linkin Park’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Episode With Chester Bennington Is Hard To Watch

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One of the last things Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington did before tragically taking his own life, was to participate with the rest of his band in a taping of Carpool Karaoke for Apple. For weeks afterwards, it remained up in the air whether or not the episode would ever get to see the light of day. Now, finally, it has arrived.

Bennington and Linkin Park filmed their ride through Los Angeles not with James Corden, who is a producer on the Apple standalone series, but rather with actor Ken Jeong. In the clip, you can watch the group bust out a bevy of their own hits like the Hybrid Theory smash “In The End,” but also some off the wall choices like OutKast’s “Hey Ya” as well.

Shortly after his death, Corden acknowledged the existence of the footage, but left it up to Bennington’s family to decide whether or not it should get aired. Jeong himself who took part in the festivities was clearly broken up about the whole thing, and took to Twitter to express his grief.

Ultimately, Bennington’s widow Talinda, along with the rest of Linkin Park gave their blessing, and we getting to enjoy Chester’s infectious personality and vocal chops one more time is both a blessing and a curse.

Given the context, the episode is difficult to watch, but having the footage is ultimately better than not having it.