Little Brother Asks Fans To Not Support The Vinyl Release Of Their Second Album, ‘The Minstrel Show’

Earlier this week, fans of Little Brother learned that the duo’s sophomore album, The Minstrel Show, would receive a vinyl reissue. The album was released back in 2003 and ABB Records, who currently owns the rights to it, is behind the reissue. Alas, Little Brother’s Phonte and Big Pooh were not pleased with it.

Screenshot From Okayplayer

“I see ABB Records has decided to put up a repress of The Minstrel Show on vinyl instead of answering for 16 years of non payment on TMS or answering for 18 years of non payment for The Listening,” Pooh tweeted. “Humbly asking that you not support bad business practices. Thank you for listening.”

Later on, Phonte responded to the matter in the comments of an Instagram post from FatBeats about the reissue:

Peace Everybody, Phone from @lilbrother_nc here. Hope everybody is safe and healthy.

I’ve done Direct business with Fat Beats many times in the past and they’ve always done right by me, so this post is in no way indicative of their business practices. I hate to see a reputable company get caught in the crossfire, but enough is enough.

ABB Records hasn’t paid us a dime on any of these Listening and Minstrel Show vinyl pressing. We haven’t seen a royalties statement from ABB records since 2004. Until they make things right and do proper business with my brother @rapperbigpooh and I, we are humbly asking all of our fans to not buy any of this sh*t. Thanks for your support.