J. Cole Becomes Twitter’s Top Trend As Fans Can’t Stop Making Puns Out Of His Name

Ever since J. Cole released KOD in mid-2018, fans have been waiting for his next album. Checking out Twitter this morning, some may have thought he dropped a surprise effort overnight: As of press time, “J Cole” is the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. That’s not because of any new material, though. Instead, it’s because the platform has been overtaken by people making puns out of Cole’s name.

The format starts with somebody describing something Cole could be doing and then presenting the newly punned version of his name based on that activity. For example, Questlove wrote, “J Cole starting a rap group with his aforementioned Foot Locker Coworkers: J La Sole.” Other plays on Cole’s name were sprinkled throughout the top 30 Twitter trending topics today, including “J Bowl,” “J Stroll,” and “J Poll.”

Some other famous people got involved as well, like Cozz, Desus Nice, and Big Pooh, among others.


While this may have been a false alarm in terms of new music, that doesn’t mean that some isn’t coming. In fact, a month ago, Cole may have covertly promised new material coming this year through his Kill Edward alter ego. On a Kill Edward Instagram Story, Cole wrote, “Damn been off for awhile but ima make sure we end 2020 something special.”

Check out some other Cole pun examples below.