Live Nation Reportedly Failed To Get A Series Of Lawsuits Dropped In Relation To The Death Of Drakeo The Ruler

Live Nation has reportedly failed to get a series of lawsuits dropped in relation to the stabbing death of rapper Drakeo The Ruler at the Once Upon A Time In LA Festival. According to a report from Rolling Stone, A Los Angeles judge said in a key ruling Wednesday (January 11), that Drakeo‘s brother, Devante Caldwell, doesn’t have to show a “prior similar” attack happened at the Banc of California & Exposition, where the Once Upon A Time In LA Festival was held.

“The ruling represents the court’s recognition of Live Nation’s and the other defendants’ role in the injustice suffered by Drakeo, his family, and friends. We are one step closer to providing justice and closure to this horrific experience,” said Caldwell’s lawyer Jovan Blacknell.

Live Nation had previously claimed that state law held that the event corporation should be immunized from any liability in the backstage attack that resulted in Drakeo’s death. Their argument was that the attack was “unforeseeable” as no such events had ever previously taken place within the venue.

However, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Yolanda Orozco ruled that Caldwell had presented enough facts for the court to move forward with the case.

“Although the occurrence of a mob/gang attack may have occurred for the first time, defendants may nevertheless be held liable if the facts show that the danger was foreseeable and/or preventable,” she wrote. “The fact that defendants knew security would be needed for the event supports the finding that the performing artists’ safety was a concern for defendants and foreseeable to defendants.”