The Dancers Suing Lizzo Over Alleged Sexual Harassment And More Told Their Story On ‘Today’

Over the past couple days, Lizzo has faced some troubling allegations. It was reported yesterday (August 1) that the singer/rapper was being sued by three of her former dancers over a number of accusations, including sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Now, two of them appears on Today this morning to share their perspective.

Arianna Davis, who first joined Lizzo’s dance team after competing on her show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, said of Lizzo allegedly taking exception to her gaining weight, “I just had this feeling they had a problem with the way I was gaining weight. […] She proceeded to say, ‘You know, dancers get fired for gaining weight. You should basically be grateful to be here.”

Crystal Williams also noted of how Lizzo would treat her and others, “She would pick and choose when she wanted to be professional and when she wanted things to be personal. […] You go from preaching about sisterhood to then turning around and saying that it’s a privilege that you know us by name.”

Watch the Today video above and learn more about the lawsuit here.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .