Lizzo Tried Putting Yellow Mustard On An Oreo In A TikTok And It Went Exactly As Expected

Not only has Lizzo mastered the art of creating the perfect pop banger, but she’s also mastered the art of creating the perfect TikTok. The singer has been on the social media app for a few years now and has already racked up 20 million followers. While she definitely posts raunchy content, like when she used her booty as a paintbrush, the singer also gets real about her mental health struggles. She also definitely has one thing down — the TikTok challenge.

Earlier this week, Lizzo hopped on the seemingly unappetizing yellow mustard and Oreo trend that’s been circulating the app. The trend is fairly simple for those who can stomach it. As the name of the challenge suggests, it’s just putting yellow mustard on an Oreo and eating it. Some people on the app say the taste isn’t too bad, so Lizzo tried it out herself.

“Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos,” she wrote in the TikTok’s caption. The video shows the singer opening up a brand new pack of Oreos and slathering the top of one with a healthy serving of yellow mustard. Once Lizzo eats the unsavory food combo, she looks a little confused. Lizzo never actually says whether or not it tastes good, but she does go in for a second Oreo.


Tiktok made me try mustard & oreos

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Watch Lizzo attempt the mustard and Oreo TikTok challenge above.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .