Lizzo’s Yitty Brand Is Rolling Out ‘Gender-Affirming Shapewear For All Gender Identities’

Lizzo never misses an opportunity to speak up for the oppressed. She was recognized as the People’s Champion at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards because of her indomitable fight. Lately, she’s using her platform to support the transgender community. She began March by tweeting about transphobia, fatphobia, and racism; she’s ending it with an actionable step.

Lizzo has introduced “YOUR SKIN” from her Yitty brand, “gender-affirming shapewear for all gender identities.” Coincidentally (or perhaps not), Yitty officially launched one year ago today, March 30.

“You deserve to feel like you. You deserve to feel good in Your Skin,” Lizzo tweeted. “We’ve been working on this a long time & it’s finally ready! Binder tops & tucking thongs coming this summer!”

The official Yitty Instagram account added, “The rumors are true: YOUR SKIN by YITTY is coming late summer 2023 and will be here to stay, forever! Our Binder Top and Tucking Thong are designed with the comfortable, shaping compression y’all love, with additional seam and stitch details to keep you snatched AF in alllll the right places. Time to feel more like YOU.”

Lizzo also posted the news to Instagram alongside a behind-the-scenes video from the campaign shoot. Her caption explained what inspired her to create this line.

“I’ve watched countless videos of people crafting their own garments to wrap or tuck their bodies so their body can truly feel like theirs. I’ve heard people talk about their preference of wanting to be fluid in how they want to present their bodies depending on their mood or style of clothing. And I wanted to help,” she wrote. “I called my team at yitty and they immediately jumped to action. It took 2 years of extensive wear testing, community feedback, and attention to detail. I’m excited to say we have a great product that’s promises to grow and expand with Your needs.”

Lizzo continued, “I’ve already read positive comments about how we can offer more to the non-binary, trans, gender-fluid community I wanna hear more! Your feedback is not only valuable but a necessity to us. Because we do this for You. Every Damn Body. Xoxo Lizzo.”

The announcement comes a week after Lizzo took to Twitter to bring awareness to “anti-LGBTQIA legislation … being passed banning gender-affirming health care & drag shows”:

See some of the initial fan reaction to Yitty’s upcoming gender-affirming line below.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .