The Titular Character Of The LoFi Girl YouTube Stream Has Mysteriously Vanished

Update: It’s a boy! LoFi Girl is now LoFi Boy (I guess) he now occupies the empty room from before. The new stream features a more upbeat (but still mellow) collection of what seems like it will be a never-ending stream of midtempo synthwave — hence the color scheme of his room, IYKYK. What an adventure. You can check out Synthwave Boy — I’m coining this now, and I want my percentage if this becomes his name — below.

When last the LoFi Girl YouTube Stream made headlines, it was because bogus copyright claims had crashed the stream, ending two years, four months, and two weeks of nonstop streaming of pleasant, downtempo “beats to study to.”

This week, though, LoFi Girl made headlines for another reason: After apparently receiving a message via a blue light flashing Morse code in one of the distant windows behind her, the stream’s mascot, Jade, mysteriously vanished. That’s right: LoFi Girl has lore now — and it’s kind of glorious. (Apparently, Jade finally took a break from studying to nap earlier this month, too)

With the titular LoFi Girl out of the picture, as it were, the stream instead began to slowly zoom in on the distant blue window over the next 24 hours. As of press time, it’s apparently stopped doing so after settling on a new room — this one decidedly more cluttered and masculine, according to fans in the chat — but that same familiar pair of headphones rests on the desk.

Meanwhile, fans who hashed out the Morse code message discovered that it directed them to a new website, Clicking a button on the site marked “launch” sends users to another YouTube stream, this one playing ambient music in yet another bedroom (with a fishtank! and Gundam models! and a GameCube!) where a clock on the wall has been counting down. As of press time, about 30 minutes remain; we’ll update you when we know exactly what’s going on.

So there you have it: A nice, relaxing little mystery to start your day. Let’s all tune in together.