Who Ya Got: We Resolve Lollapalooza’s Toughest Scheduling Conflicts

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Scheduling conflicts are a fact of life for summer festivals. Lollapalooza — the massive three-day fest that takes over Chicago’s Grant Park every August — is no exception.

Lolla should be spent drinking Bud Light, enjoying the music, and maybe receiving some nasty side-eye from a hot dog vendor for asking for ketchup. But far too many festival-goers waste time stressing over unfortunate crossovers in stage time.

Fear not: we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make the difficult choices for you.

The War On Drugs vs. Alabama Shakes

When:  Friday, 5:30-6:30 (The War on Drugs); 5:45-6:45 (Alabama Shakes)

The conflicts kick off with a battle of the dad bands. While the kids are off raging to DJ Snake at Perry’s, the over-25 set will have to choose between The War on Drugs’ woozy Lost In The Dream schtick or Alabama Shakes’ Muscle Shoals stomp. We thought enough of The War on Drugs to pick them over parody-god Weird Al at Gov Ball, but the choice here is obvious. You have to go with the band that appears to be making an attempt to move toward 2015. Alabama Shakes’ latest does just that.

The Pick: Alabama Shakes

Alt-J vs. Young Thug

When: Friday, 6:30 – 7:45 (Alt-J); 6:50-7:30 (Young Thug)

On the surface, you wouldn’t think this is much of a conflict. Alt-J is a nerdy, English band that mixes folk sounds with electronic textures. Young Thug is an alien who happens to like making strip club music.