Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’ Is The Bizarro ‘Royals’

Contributing Writer

Lorde burst onto the global scene with a song about viewing the world of wealth and stardom from a distance. Over a slightly off-kilter drumbeat and with a truly strange delivery (for the time), Lorde celebrated the fact that she lived outside of the glam and glitz.

But now that she’s working on a follow-up to Pure Heroine, the Kiwi singer is faced with a problem. She does live the life she railed against. She can’t paint herself as that outsider anymore. She’s met Bowie. She’s on the inside but that doesn’t mean she has to enjoy it. That’s where we find Lorde on her new single “Perfect Places.” She’s seen a diamond in the flesh and she’s just as unimpressed by it as she thought she would be.

That’s not to say that Lorde’s new status doesn’t have its perks. You can practically hear the money changing hands when she comes in with the hook on this new single. Lorde can afford to splurge on big sounds and she makes the most of it, even while casting a wicked side-eye at the whole “being a popstar” thing. Give the new track a listen up top.

Melodrama is out on June 16.

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