Ludacris Was Granted Gabonese Citizenship And People Immediately Made WWIII Jokes

Ludacris celebrated the new year with a new passport. The rapper has attained dual citizenship in his wife’s home country of Gabon, but the timing of it all had everyone making the same joke. Ludacris announced his citizenship shortly after the fallout from a drone strike on Iranian military general Qasem Soleimani. With tensions high and #WWIII trending on Twitter, people jokingly hinted that the rapper’s dual citizenship was a strategic move.

Ludacris made his citizenship announcement in a video. Standing in front of a Gabonese flag, Ludacris held up his new passport.

“That’s one way to bring in the new year,” he said. “I just became an official Gabonese citizen.” His daughters and mother were all granted citizenship as well.

After getting his official passport, the rapper arrived to the country in a helicopter. “Now that I’m an official Citizen of Gabon I travel the country a little different,” he wrote.

Ludacris’ excitement over his new citizenship came at the same time the internet was exploding in memes about getting drafted for a potential war.

One user wrote that Ludacris’ citizenship was a “smart move.” “Who gave you a heads up?” they wrote.

Another joked that the rapper “knew about WWIII” before anyone else.

All jokes aside, it seems as though Ludacris is looking to make some big changes with his new citizenship. “I have completed the cycle and I’m beginning a new cycle,” he wrote in a photo caption.