Macklemore Is Full Of Holiday Cheer In His ‘Home Alone’-Inspired ‘It’s Christmas Time’ Video

Christmas is just over a week away now, which means the Christmas music is out in full force. The Christmas spirit is so strong, in fact, that a 25-year-old Mariah Carey classic just topped the charts for the first time ever. Macklemore is in the holiday mood as well: He recently shared a new Christmas song called “It’s Christmas Time,” and now he has dropped a snowy and festive video for the track.

On the song, which features UK soul singer Dan Caplen, features a nostalgic chorus that goes, “I wish it was ’99, when I was a kid at Christmas time / Couldn’t go to bed that night / Santa Claus sliding, snow in the driveway / Under the lit-up Christmas tree with my crazy-ass family / Singing, oh, oh oh, oh / Wish I was a kid at Christmas again.”

Macklemore said of the song, “At some point every holiday season, while watching Home Alone and drinking hot chocolate, the same idea hits me. ‘You are the second grown rap version of Kevin McCallister. Now act like it and make a Christmas song.’ So I did. [The video] has the holiday spirit in every frame. The true purpose and meaning of Christmas. To give, to celebrate and to take back that sweater and end up with store credit at Macy’s. We must not forget the magic and that in the end it’s all about giving.”

Macklemore also tweeted about the song when it was released a few days ago, “Every year around Christmas time I think to myself ‘Just do it Ben. Make the song. You can be the new Mariah Carey’. Well, this year I finally am.”

Watch the “It’s Christmas Time” video above.