Macklemore Breathes New Life Into His Favorite Album Cuts With Electrifying Green Room Session Videos

Seattle rapper Macklemore has been doing an interesting thing while on tour to promote his latest album, Gemini. Along with a band of musicians, the “Glorious” rapper has filmed live recording sessions in the green rooms of various venues, providing an intriguing look into the album’s songs, and another interesting twist on the album promotional process. Since Gemini has more personal songs and less overtly-conscious material on it than his previous works, the format allows his performance to break out in ways he may have been unable to display during the album recordings.

For example, in the above Green Room Session video for “Over It” recorded in Minneapolis, MN, Mack and guest singer Donna Missal put much more passion into their respective deliveries, demonstrating a more visceral response to the song’s topic of a fraying romantic relationship. Missal especially goes for the gusto, practically screaming the lyrics to the song’s emotionally devastating chorus.

In the below Dallas, TX-recorded video for “Excavate,” Macklemore physically cuts loose, allowing himself to become more and more animated as he draws energy from the live instrumentation and Saint Claire’s soaring hook. His performance lends even more emotional resonance to the confessional lyrics, while the band embellishes the normally sparse beat, transforming the session into a spiritual mini-revival.