Madlib And Mark Ronson’s New Collaboration Is In The Can And Made From Recycling Plant Sounds

From conscious hip-hop to environmental consciousness, Madlib has dropped a new album featuring samples of sounds from the Coca-Cola recycling plant. Having teamed up with Mark Ronson, the two superproducers introduced Recycled Records in a new video narrated by rap veteran MC Lyte.

“It sounds very crazy and overstated to say it, but anything can become a sample, right? Ronson said in the video. “Like any sound, you can somehow manipulate in to a drum. The sounds and the rhythms and the pulses of sounds from everyday life can also be incredibly inspiring.”

In the video, we see both Madlib and Ronson in their studios, mixing, looping, and distorting sounds from the recycling plant — like the sound of crushing trash, and warping and reshaping bottles — into hip-hop-influenced instrumentals.

“It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to create music using objects found in everyday life to emulate new forms of sound,” Madlib said in a statement on the Coca-Cola website. “Recycled Records is an EP of original tracks made from the sounds of the closed loop recycling process.”

The album consists of seven unnamed tracks, five of which are Madlib beats, and the other two, Mark Ronson beats.

You can check out a trailer for the Recycled Records project above.