Madonna Dressed As A Clown Is Like Witnessing Something Out Of A Nightmare

You’ve got to hand it to Madonna. She’s pop music royalty, but she still tries to do new and interesting things, even if people often aren’t actually interested, and even if it usually leads to more derision than anything else. For a while there, her thing was doing stuff like spanking the likes of Ariana Grande and Katy Perry onstage during her shows, and also that one time she made out with Drake and everybody got uncomfortable. Well, there’s nothing uncomfortable about what she’s doing now; she’s dressing up like a clown.

Wait, did we say there was nothing uncomfortable about it? That’s probably not true. A lot of people don’t like clowns. They are, in fact, afraid of clowns. So, maybe, just maybe, you are going to be freaked out by Madonna’s new clown persona. For some reason, she’s really digging into this whole clown thing while she’s touring Australia. She’s calling it “Tears of a Clown,” if you were wondering why Madonna all of a sudden decided dressing like a clown makes sense.

Granted, she doesn’t go whole hog into this thing. Her face is pretty light on the makeup. It’s mostly a wig and a garish, clownish outfit, and also sometimes a big red nose. Some of the time, it just looks a little goofy and strange.

Sometimes, though, it’s super creepy.