Trent Reznor Was Totally Chill With THAT Scene From ‘Magic Mike XXL’

It’s not giving anything away to say that there’s a lot of partial male nudity in Magic Mike XXL, but the specifics of the abs count as a spoiler, I guess, so consider yourself warned.

There are three very memorable musical moments in the film, two of which involve Joe Manganiello. He didn’t have enough to do in the original, but he’s the sequel’s MVP (MVPeen?), and the mostly-female audience at the screening I attended went bonkers when he gyrated to Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” He told the Daily Beast that he’s friends with AJ McLean, and “I was in his kitchen as he was making dinner, showing him the moves.”

As for Manganiello’s other dance scene, take it away music supervisor Season Kent:

“The concept is amazingly perfect, because it’s a sweet fun little thing [with Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”], and then suddenly ‘Closer’ kicks in and he puts her in a sex swing. I’m still in awe that we got that song in the movie. We had to go to Trent [Reznor] to sign off, and they were cool. As far as I know, I think they’re fans of Steven Soderbergh and his camp. I think they had a good sense of humor about it, because we were honest about what the scene was. I’m so thankful we got it. The band’s attorney and manager were so great with us. Joe was so excited. When I told him that ‘Closer’ cleared, he was so excited.” (Via)

I would love to have heard that call.

SEASON KENT: “Hey, Trent. Big fan. Would you mind if we used one of your songs while Alcide from True Blood rips his clothes off and pretends to DESTROY a girl on a sex swing?”
TRENT REZNOR: *hangs up*

Good thing Nine Inch Nails has an “attorney and manager.”

(Via EW)