Even Magic!, The Guys Who Made ‘Rude,’ Are Sick Of It

You probably remember the song “Rude” by Canadian act Magic! even if you think you don’t. The reggae-pop song is so completely inoffensive that it slotted into waiting room music playlists even as it was climbing the charts in 2014. It managed to be a mega-hit and wallpaper at the same time, catching listeners who had avoided it in supermarkets, dentist offices, and viral videos.

That sort of omnipresence brings with it a lot of animosity, with people tiring of hearing the single fairly quickly. But all those “Rude” haters are in good company because the band is tired of hearing it, too.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Magic! lead singer Nasri Atweh said he was sick of the song “instantly.”

“The second it’s a hit every day you’re singing ‘Rude.’ I always wanted to write a song called “Dance Monkey Dance” but I hadn’t experienced it. And then when “Rude” became a big hit it actually became something more. It was like, ‘Oh, I’m a f*cking dancing money right now.’ I always enjoy singing ‘Rude.’ It’s not like I don’t. But when you’re doing promo it’s different than when you’re touring. When you’re doing promo you’re singing one or two songs over and over again. We would sing “Rude” three times a day, every day, often acoustically. It was like, ‘This is ridiculous!'”

Though Atweh does have a bit of a caveat before you invite him to your bonfire made of Don’t Kill The Magic CDs. If you were bashing the song from jump, then you can’t sit with him.

“I think the people that didn’t like it don’t like anything,” he said. “We’re talking about a certain crowd that judges everything.”

(Via Rolling Stone)