Australian Teen Mallrat Hangs Out With Some Horses In The Video For Her Booming Pop Anthem ‘Better’

Australian musician Mallrat only just recently graduated high school, but the 19-year-old already gotten her music career off to a wonderful start: She released her first track, “Suicide Blonde,” in the summer of 2015, which appeared on her debut EP Uninvited last year. She doesn’t have many songs to her name yet, but so far, they’ve all proven that she’s one of the best at combining sing-song rapping and airy singing with thumping drums, dream pop synths, and pop hooks this side of Brisbane.

There’s no word yet on when her debut album might be coming, but in the meantime, she just shared a video for “Better,” a (currently) non-album track she released in October. The track is a bit lighter than what we’ve come to expect from Mallrat, but the booming pop anthem is unquestionably a triumph. In the video, Mallrat hangs out with some horses, which she says was a great way to spend a couple sunny days:

“I really love horses and this video was the perfect excuse to spend a couple of days hanging out with them. I wrote ‘Better’ over a year ago, but it’s taken most of this time to get it sounding exactly how it does in my head. My dad says it’s his favorite song which makes me very excited to share it with everyone.”

Watch the video for “Better” above, and stream her excellent 2016 EP Uninvited here.