A Mariachi Band Made The Classic ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Theme Song Even More Timeless

Look, I won’t lie to you: I’m a Beauty And The Beast stan. First of all, I was homeschooled growing up so I was also an outcast and obsessed with books. Second of all, I love magic, and I love a good redemption narrative, and I love musicals. So sue me, a lot of other people have found they aren’t so bad now too, or La La Land wouldn’t have done as well as it did. And trust me, Belle is better than Emma Stone in pretty much every way (no shots).

The best part of Beauty And The Beast though, is the music. It’s marvelously funny, inherently sweet, sometimes moving, sometimes funny. It tells the entire story all on its own, and the best and brightest song of the whole bunch is the movie’s theme song. As many times as I’ve heard “Tale As Old As Time” it still never gets old. The fact that the song is timeless is literally in the name, and yet, I’m still not over hearing those sweeping strings over and over.

As we approach the release date of the newly remade Beauty And The Beast — Emma Watson wasn’t my first choice for Belle, but no one asked me — a new way to listen to this classic theme has emerged. Mitú enlisted a Mariachi band and two traditional Latinx dancers to recreate the scene where Belle and the Beast dance all night until they fall right into love. This version is just as beloved as the old, but with some new cultural flair that makes it even more timeless. Watch above, and swoon with me.