Of Course Mariah Carey Has Four Christmas Trees In Her House

Recently Mariah Carey, the undisputed Queen of Christmas (despite insisting she doesn’t call herself that), revealed that she owns not one, not two, but four Christmas trees. Are we surprised?

Carey stopped by The Late Show to chat with host Stephen Colbert for a special holiday edition of his popular segment, “The Colbert Questionert.”

When picking out tree toppers, Carey said she prefers both an angel and a star. One might wonder how she could put both on top of one tree but don’t worry — she has four Christmas trees. She can make it work.

The songstress also shared that she has loved the holidays since childhood, but because of her tough upbringing, she was never able to enjoy them as she can now.

“I always wanted Christmas to be perfect, and it never was,” Carey told Colbert. “So when I was finally able to provide for myself, my friends, and then later my kids, who are 11, we have the most festive Christmas ever.”

Additionally, Carey noted that her upbringing and love for the holidays have impacted her pathway into Christmas-themed music, saying that it comes from a “longing to have some normalcy and peace.”

Later this month, Carey will host her own two-hour special on CBS, Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas To All!, which will be filmed during her December 13 performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City before being released on December 20.

Check out Mariah Carey on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert above.