Goth-Folk Stunner Marissa Nadler Shares The Dreamy And Desolate ‘Bury Your Name’ Recordings

Spectral goth-folk stunner Marissa Nadler already put out a new album this year — the dark and dreamy Strangers — but today she shared more new music with us on top of that. Her last two releases, 2014’s July and this year’s record, were released by the spirit-cult-scion independent label Sacred Bones, which should give newcomers a sense of her positioning.

Now, she’s partnered with Bandcamp to release a home recordings companion to her latest called Bury Your Name featuring songs from the Strangers writing sessions. Here’s the artwork for the album, which is streaming for free via Bandcamp at the bottom of the post.

The eight-track release picks up right where July and Strangers left off, veering even farther into the acoustic and folk end of Nadler’s spectrum. At this point in her career, it’s hard to imagine her fleets of harmonies and simply-strummed melodies will ever get old; each new track is a slight reimagining of the grief myths that traditionally make folk music so compelling and necessary for our own mourning and healing.

Tracks like “Give Me Your Gun” and “Pick Me Up Before I Die” reiterate the death and desperation her lyrics sometimes evoke, but these topics are always set against such a backdrop of tenderness that they never sound threatening or ominous. Nadler is the all-seeing narrator in a dark and silvery world — any time she lets us get a glimpse in it’s a blessing. Stream the sessions below.