Marshmello Keeps The ‘Spotlight’ On Lil Peep In The Video For Their Last Collaboration

Lil Peep may no longer be with us, but his friends are making sure that his musical legacy is still apparent. Marshmello is one of those who had a close relationship with Peep, and knew the real him — not the image that Peep’s brother thinks erroneously persists. There’s a new Peep album coming, but for now Marshmello’s released the video for their “Spotlight” collaboration today.

“Like Peep’s passing, no one got to say goodbye properly but the objects he left us (his body of work both musical and social) remain ours to share in our relationship with him,” Marshmello said in a press release. He added that, “for this video I just wanted what Gus would have wanted. And I think this is exactly it.” The 3-minute video pairs the melancholy track with an indie-filmesque cinematography directed by Nick Koenig (aka Hot Sugar), who crafted Peep’s “Awful Things.”

Lil Peep made it a point to collaborate primarily with friends. In the often-treacherous music industry, it’s easy to come across people who don’t have your best interest at heart — especially when you’re no longer able to defend yourself. Luckily for him, his biggest advocates have stepped up and kept his legacy going.

Lil Peep apparently has plenty more music in the vault, which means we can expect to hear more of his intriguing rock-rap fusion before the year is out. Hopefully the fans appreciate his last offerings and keep his name in high regard like they did at his memorial.

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