Noisy Chicago Punks Meat Wave Tackle Indescribable Emotions On Their Brilliant New Album ‘The Incessant’

02.02.17 2 years ago

At times, it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed with everything that’s going on around and within you. Life is never easy, but there are certain instances where you feel like the world is conspiring against you. For Chris Sutter, frontman of Chicago punk trio Meat Wave (incredibly named after a nearly fifteen-year-old Onion article), the feeling wouldn’t fade for an extended period of time, despite his best efforts. In fact, the helplessness was so ominous and overpowering that Sutter gave it a name: The incessant. The phrase was so fitting, that eventually the band decided it was the perfect name for their next album, which comes out mid-February.

Halfway through The Incessant comes “Bad Man,” which is perhaps the most straightforward track on the record, and definitely a highlight that will make ears perk and heads bang. It is complete with a soaring hook that sees Sutter yelping, “I’m a bad man,” and will likely be the first song to remain stuck in your head. Check out the track, which we’re premiering exclusively above.

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